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Hello Cygnets and Ducklings, 


Some of you will be returning to school on Tuesday 2nd June and Monday 8th June. Please follow the link to a PowerPoint explaining what school will be like when you return. 


We can't wait to see you all! 


Mrs Cohen and Miss Nash

Hello Cygnets and Ducklings! Mrs Cohen and Miss Nash are missing you all very much! On this page you will find some ideas to continue your learning at home while the school remains closed, information about what we have been covering in class, some helpful links and our newsletters. 


If you have any queries/questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs Cohen:

Miss Nash:

We will check these emails once a day and get back to your queries/questions as quickly as possible. 


Please Note:

We understand that children are at home and not in their normal learning environment at school, please do not have a 'battle' with your children as in EY we focus on learning through play. The activities we provide are ideas that they could do over the week but we would also love to see pictures of your children just playing as they are learning lots of valuable skills in their play. If you can get any activities done at home keep them short and we find it helps in school to keep to their interests such as writing tasks could be labels for a car garage or shopping lists while we play in the home corner. We love to see any photos so please continue adding these onto Tapestry.


Some ideas for this week: 


We are now entering a new term and that means a new topic! Our new topic for this half term is 'People Who Help Us'. This is a great topic where we start to think about life outside school and people around us. 


Shape, Space and Measure:

This week our number focus is time. 

At school we have looked at how their day works and looked at the language of first, next, then when sequencing their day. Now we can look at reading clocks and understanding what an hour and minute hand looks like on the clock. You could see how long they think a minute is, start standing and tell them to sit down when they think a minute is up- you could time them as well as how many things they can do in a minute. The sheets below are about making their own clocks and reading the time, there is also a challenge! 


This week our number focus is problem solving.

Your children may need some help with reading the questions below but we have two sheets of questions that they can start looking at how to problem solve. 

Below is a link to our 'Maths' page that Mrs Hewitt has put together as our Maths Lead. This is a page for the whole school however you will find extra activities that you may want to try. 


We are thinking about creating our own story using our imaginations. The children can write their own story, draw a picture and write simple sentences or create masks to support their imaginative play. Below is a link to cbeebies where a girl called Melody listens to a piece of music to create her own story. This is a nice opportunity to share your children's amazing imaginations with us. We look forward to the photos on Tapestry. 





Your child Is now in one of four phonics group, so please ask your child which adult they do Phonics with as it is not necessarily their Class Teacher, if they cannot remember please email your child’s teacher and they will be able to help.


Mrs. Cohen's and Mrs. Toon's group:

Mrs Cohen's group: We are now recapping j,v,w,x sounds over the week. Can they find objects each day with one of these sounds? Can they read some of the words below using their sounds, I have also attached some questions that they can read. If your child is reading well their next challenge is sounding out 'quietly in their head' so that they just sound out the words aloud that they are unsure of. Please can you practise writing some of these words below for the sounds that they are practising for that day.


Miss. Nash and Mrs. Arnold: 

We have now recapped all of our Phase 3 sounds. I would like the children to recap all of the sounds that they have learnt so far in Phase 3. I have attached some words that your child can practise reading and then think of & write a sentence that they could put this word in. I have also attached some games that will help your child to continue practising. Please could you try and encourage your child to start sounding out/reading 'in their head', playing the games would be a great way to do this. 

Have a go at these games:



Read and Race:

Tricky Word Scavenger Hunt: 

In this activity these are all the Phase 3 Tricky Words, you can use these as flashcards as well to practise these with your child.

Below is word search, if you click on the picture it will take you to the website for the word searches, there are multiple word searches for your child to have a go at. 


Phonics resources: 

Here are some resources to help you with Phonics. There is both Phase 2 and Phase 3 Phonics sounds mats, we use these in the classroom so your child should be familiar with them. There is also Phase 2 and Phase 3 Tricky Words, please practise these with your child, both reading and writing them. Please find the linked documents underneath the pictures. 



Purple Mash:

On Purple Mash we have set some Phonics activities as 2dos. Please feel free to explore all the different activities on Purple Mash.


Green Cross Code: 

Can you look at how we cross the road safely. You can talk about how to look for bikes as well as cars on the road and how to cross at a safe point. Here are some pictures of different crossings and a lollipop person to help them cross the roads. 


You can find more information here:



Can you make your own musical instrument from what you can find in your home. You could use boxes to make drums or cut a hole and add elastic bands for a guitar. A chance to be very creative with what is around the home. 



As the restrictions during Lockdown begin to ease, the necessity to keep ourselves clean becomes even more important. Washing our hands and having good hygiene is our most effective protection.  We would like you to practise washing your hands safely and to help you we would like you to learn and sing the attached song.

The Catch It, Bin It, Kill It message is so important too. Watch these videos with your child and practise at home.

There are some useful resources to look through attached for you and your families.

You could: 

1.    Make posters for us to display in school to remind people 

2.    Videos of photos of you following the guidance 

3.    Try the glitter experiment


Outdoor Learning:

Unfortunately around this time we should have been going on our first School Trip to Forest School at Hartwell, both Miss Nash and Mrs Cohen are extremely sad about this! As we are unable to go they have contacted us and been very helpful. They have emailed us some resources which you will find below. 


Mrs. Granville has put some songs on that have been sung by her son! These are some songs your children may recognise from assembly and some new ones. Have a go at singing some at home, you could make some actions to go with the songs or make your own musical instrument to play along with, have fun! 

Recently we have been

Our current topic is 'People who help us' below is what we have covered so far. 

We would love it if you could share anything that you are doing with your children at home on Tapestry so we can see it! 


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