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The Government has released a list of the best home learning resources for the children to do while they are away from school.

Pobble 365

This is a website that provides a daily picture to inspire the children's writing. Each day there are questions for the children to answer about the picture, a drawing task, sick sentences (where the children have to make them better), a sentence challenge (e.g. adding punctuation) and a story starter. Below is an example based around "The Great Race" picture 

Literacy Shed: 

Another fantastic resource is Literacy Shed. This provides wonderful videos for the children to watch. Then there are lots of activities for the children to do around the video! 

This is one of the videos and the lesson pack that supports it! I hope you enjoy!

"A Cloudy Lesson" by Yezi Xue | Disney Favorite

Enjoy this timeless and cloudy tradition passed down from grandfather to grandson ending with a wonderfully warm twist of creativity. See this and more great...

Classroom Secrets
If you would like to do some tasks that have more structure (printable workbooks) then this is for you!

These text books have a range of tasks Maths and English activities for EYFS , Year 1 and Year 2. 

They also have a parent help sheet and the answers! I have attached the first week as an example for you!


Authorfy is a website that is easy to register with. This website has interviews (masterclasses) with famous authors. Some of them are Michael Rosen and Jonny Duddle (The Pirate Cruncher). They read extracts of their stories and their are flexible cross curricular activities around these books. 


Supermovers is a great website which has free songs and dances for lots of the EYFS/ KS1 curriculum!

Write to Unite

A new initiative called Write To Unite has been created to to try and bring hope and positivity in the scary times we are living in currently. They are tasking children and families to share stories and poems with the world to bring a smile to people's faces and help combat loneliness. The children being creative in this way will help the world around them as well as lowering their own stress and anxiety. 


Write to Unite - Sharing Positivity With The World

The world is a scary place at the moment. Social distancing, coupled with uncertainty, has made our lives very isolated very quickly. The news is constantly ...

How it works

You can create a quick and easy to use account with Write to Unite or just access the website which has lots of ideas and tools to inspire you. Good luck with writing your positive stories and poems. Please email them to me as well on: and I will share them on this website page! 


Writing Task (20.04.2020)

Use your amazing imaginations and choose where you would like to send your characters on a school trip. Imagine if…they went to the moon on a rocket ship or had a picnic in the zoo with the animals from the zoo! 

Before writing your story you could use Mrs Legg's setting picture task to help you come up with your amazing ideas!

Below are some documents you may find useful: 
Entering the competition

This is part of the Young Writers Competition the “Silly School Trip”. If you would like to enter the competition you can do this independently (see below for details) or you can email Mrs Barlow a scanned version of your entry and she will enter it for you.

You can contact Mrs Barlow on:


If you choose to enter the competition there is a word limit of no more than 250 words to make sure the children use their words well! There are lots of prizes if you enter including: vouchers for our school, one child having their story professionally made into a book and a book mark for each entrant.


You will find more information on the Young Writers Website. 

Competition Rules:

To make sure your entries are valid, please follow the rules listed below:

  • Only one entry per child.
  • You can enter independently- for this you will need to provide your full postal address rather than the school's details.
  • Stories can be written on the entry form or an A4 sheet of paper.
  • Stories must be your own work.
  • Ensure that you include your name and age on your form.
  • Mini sagas must be told in no more than 250 words (the title isn't included in this)
  • Entries must be received by Thursday 30th April 2020

Good luck! I look forward to reading your entries! 


Mrs Barlow

Previous Learning Tasks

Amazing work from Week 1

​​​​​​Support for Spellings: 

Learning to spell is a challenging but essential skill for children. Children simply learning spellings by rote and then completing tests does not lead to long term improvements. Instead, learning about spelling patterns and rules has been found to be more beneficial.  


Below are a few activities from the No Nonsense Spelling Scheme which you can use to support your child's spelling. 

Common Exception Words (What patterns/ rules do you notice?)

Useful Websites for Writing
Our Philosophy Learning Behaviors