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Walk to School/Parking

Walk to School


In order to promote the physical health of our pupils we encourage pupils to walk to school, whenever possible, rather than to travel by car.  Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) regularly hold 'Walk to School' breakfasts which are extremely popular and raise the profile of the importance of walking as good exercise. Even if you live some distance from the school we ask that on these days you park your car at least 5 minutes away and walk the remainder of the journey to the school.  




The area around the school can become very congested at either end of the school day and we ask parents to ensure that they park safely and considerately at all times.


The zig zag lines outside school should never be parked on as this is illegal and neither should the grass areas outside neighbouring houses. Please respect the residents do not park in front of drive ways. The only cars that should access the school car park are those with a disabled badge or county approved taxis allocated to bring a child to school from out of catchment.  Please make sure children are supervised crossing the road and walking up to school.

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