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Week beginning 7th December 2020



We are focusing on blending to read this week, with challenges leading to reading captions and writing words and continuing to look at sentence construction.


This week we are continuing to look at ordering and writing numbers either to 5 or 10. We will be looking at groups of numbers and tens frames.


Mrs. Cohen and Miss. Nash- We are continuing with Phase 3 (oo- short and long sound, ar, or) we will be focusing on writing words with these sounds and reading captions. We are introducing was and my as tricky words. Words that can be made with these sounds can include: boot, moon, zoo, cook, hook, bark, park, shark, for, short, fork.

Mrs. Toon’s group is looking at blending and recognin sing (h, b. l, f) they are finding objects that contain the initial sounds and looking at blending: hot, big, lip, fin

Mrs. Legg’s group are focusing on recognising and blending all of the phase 2 sounds. They are finding the sounds in their environment and objects that match them.

Circle Time

* Dinosaur Learning (Characteristics of Effective Learning)- Continuing to look at the Characteristics of Effective Learning and the dinosaur stickers. The children can earn a sticker through demonstrating a characteristic of learning in their play (supporting the children to praise other for what they have seen).

*Learning Christmas Songs

This week have Cygnets Forest School and Ducklings have yoga- please ensure you have all wet weather gear in school. We all take part in PE on a Friday morning please can you support your children in dressing at home independently as this will help them when we are changing for PE. 

Please read with your children their school book 5 times a week as well as any other books- any reading book form home will also count as well as reading eggs- but please sign and date each time in their yellow reading record. Your children will receive reading certificates when they have read 50 and 100 times. We want to promote the love of reading and we want to show the children that anything can be read from recipes, magazines and instructions as well as information and story books, so please write down your child’s reads. Thank you for your continued support in working with your children at home using see saw. Thank you.  

Mrs. Cohen and Miss Nash

Number Formation

Part Part Whole Model

Our Philosophy Learning Behaviors