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Week beginning 19th October 2020


Last week of term! It has flown by. Your children have been fantastic in their first half term at school, they have all been learning a lot not just in phonics and maths but learning to work as a whole class of 30 which takes lots of sharing, turn taking and patience. They have really enjoyed their yoga sessions and love PE with Mr. Hearn focusing on developing their throwing and catching skills. In forest school they have been looking at the changes in the environment with the leaves and the weather has been brilliant in providing lots of muddy puddles for the children to explore. 

This week we are looking at non fiction texts. We are using these to learn about our senses and our amazing bodies.  We are talking about how we can use books and the internet to find out information. We will be drawing the 5 senses: touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing we will be writing the sounds that we can hear in these words. The children will be using their sound buttons to identify any sounds they can hear in the words they write.  The children this week in phonics are looking at the sound: ll, ff, ss. We are looking at the initial sounds in words, finding the sounds in the environment and blending with the sounds that we have learnt as well as beginning to write CVC words. We will be practising writing and reading words such as: bell, hill, fell, huff, puff, cuff, hiss, kiss, miss. The sounds are in their home learning packs. We are also looking at the Tricky Words: all we are looking at this in a caption. An example of a caption will be The big red bell fell using the sounds that we have learnt. You may see your children use their fingers when sounding out- we encourage this and call them sound buttons. We look at how many sound buttons we need and then sound out the letters we can see or when we build a word we check what sounds we can hear and use these to help us to write. Please can you continue to support your children with their sounds and blending them together with words such as: at, an, it, as, in, these can also be found in your phonics packs. When your children are sounding these out confidently we then ask them to learn these by sight.

Circle Time

* Our Amazing Bodies- our senses

* Dinosaur Learning (Characteristics of Effective Learning)- Introducing our dinosaurs and explaining how the children can earn a sticker through demonstrating a characteristic of learning in their play (supporting the children to praise other for what they have seen).


Adult Directed Activities


*We will be drawing our senses and using our segmenting skills to write what sounds we can identify in the words.


We will be counting out the right amount of objects to match a numeral. When will also sequence our numbers either to 5 or 10 and look at the amount of objects each numeral has.  We will discuss more and less when looking at the amount of objects with each numeral. 


*We have been working on your children's next steps in their learning and we have been supporting them with these in the afternoon. We will put these on tapestry as soon as we can so you can see what we are supporting your children with. When we have seen these in their free play (around 3 times) we will then change their next steps. In the classroom we have these on balloons for the children to see. 


This week Cygnets have Forest School with Mrs. Barradas and Ducklings have yoga. We all take part in PE on a Friday morning please can you support your children in dressing at home independently as this will help them when we are changing for PE. 

Please read with your children 5 times a week- any reading book form home will count- but please sign and date each time in their yellow reading record. Your children will receive reading certificates when they have read 50 and 100 times. We want to promote the love of reading and we want to show the children that any thing can be read from recipes, magazines and instructions as well as information and story books, so please write down your child reads. Thank you for notifying us about reading eggs, the children have been sharing with us that they are playing at home which is fantastic. 

Thank you for your support and a huge well done to all the children in their first half term at school. 

Mrs. Cohen and Miss Nash

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