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Week beginning 20th April 2021



We are now moving onto our topic: People Who Help Us. We will be discussing people who help us in our circle time and the children will decide what to turn the role play area into. We will be looking at what the children know and what they would like to find out this week.



This week we are assessing the children with their reading and comprehension skills.



This week we are looking at estimation. We have an estimation station in the classroom where the children are estimating the number of objects in the jars. They are writing their estimate down and then counting the amount of objects out carefully. We will be using the mathematical language of estimation in our inside and outside choosing time.



Mrs. Cohen and Miss. Nash are looking at the sounds: ear, air, er, ure. We are reading them, recognising them and writing them. Words that contain these sounds are: fear, hear, beard, fair, chair, hair, lair, hammer, rocker, locker, boxer, picture, manure, vulture, sure. The tricky word we are practising is: they. We are looking at spelling our phase 3 tricky words. To support your children at home, please continue to look at these sounds and continue to read their school book regularly. This helps with blending and reading fluently.

Mrs. Legg and Mrs. Toon are teaching the ai and ee sounds. The children are sorting pictures, finding the sounds and blending words to read. Words are: rain, pain, chain, see, seek, meet, reel. We are looking the tricky word: I, no, go, to the. Please continue to practise these at home. This could be writing them on a piece of paper at home for your children to find and say the sound or using the phonics packs in your child’s book bags to support recognising their sounds.


Circle Time

  • People Who Help Us - discuss what we know and what we would like to find out
  • Healthy me: Exercising Bodies - Why we need to exercise and be healthy.



Please listen to your child read their school reading book 5 times a week as well as any other books any reading book form home will also count to their reading total as well as reading eggs but please sign and date each time in their yellow reading record. Reading regularly and frequently will support your children with developing sight reading as well as developing fluency when reading and help to practise their sounds.


Thank you for your support,

Mrs. Cohen and Miss Nash


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