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Week beginning 29th March 2021


We are now moving onto our book The Enormous Turnip. The children are enjoying playing in the shop with the salt dough vegetables that we have made. They are continuing to make receipts and price up their vegetables to sell.



We are reading The Enormous Turnip. This week we will be making vegetable soup. We have looked at the lists that they have made and used the vegetables that they have written about. The children will be chopping and peeling the vegetables, looking at them as we carefully prepare them. These are also in the tuff spot to look at carefully and explore using the magnifying glasses. In the reading area we have a story sack with the characters from The Enormous Turnip and the book in which the children can retell and role play the story.


This week we are looking at 2D shapes and their properties and then moving onto 3D shape. We will be looking at these in our environment and naming them and their properties. In the classroom we will be sorting 2D and 3D shapes. Exploring with 3D shapes and building with household objects such as tins and tubes.


Mrs. Cohen and Miss. Nash are looking at the sounds: ur, ow. oi. ear. We are reading them, recognising them and writing them. Words that contain these sounds are: surf, turnip, curl, burn, brown, cow, owl, towel, coin, foil, point, join, fear, hear, year, beard. To support your children at home, please continue to look at these sounds and continue to read their school book regularly. This helps with blending and reading fluently.

Mrs. Legg and Mrs. Toon are teaching the th and ng sounds. The children are sorting pictures, finding the sounds and blending words to read. Words are: that, think, thick, thin, king, sing, wing, song. Please continue to practise these at home.

Circle Time

  • The Easter Story

Please read with your children their school book 5 times a week as well as any other books- any reading book form home will also count as well as reading eggs- but please sign and date each time in their yellow reading record. Reading regularly and frequently will support your children with developing sight reading as well as developing fluency when reading.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs. Cohen and Miss Nash


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