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Spring 1

School Days



This term we are going to be learning about our school and it's locality. We will be going on a walk around the school grounds to see where things are.  There will be special visitors coming in to talk to us about what our school used to be like and any events that took place. 


We will be discovering what schools were like in the Victorian times and how it compares to what school is like nowadays. We will make our own school timeline by showing how time goes in chronological order and will explore different Victorian artefacts. 


We will also discover who Samuel Wilderspin was






In English we have been asking and answering questions, making inferences and predictions about the book Show and Tell by Rob Biddulph. We will be writing our own show and tell descriptions to persuade the other Year One class that ours is the best! We will be using our imaginations to think creatively of what our show and tell could be...


Exploring our local area


As part of our topic, we explored our local area to see how it compared to what it was like in the past. We went on a walk around the school and compared the houses, shops and roads to see how things have changed over time. 

A Special Visit


We were very lucky to have one our Governors come in to visit. They told us about Broughton school and what it used to be like! We found out some really interesting facts about how the school has changed throughout time. We found out that the Junior school was built first and they used to have a paper register which logged everybody's names!


Our Philosophy Learning Behaviors