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SEND and Equalities


What We Do
The school is fully accessible for wheelchairs and has disabled toilet facilities.  There are sound softeners installed where there are children with hearing impaired to ensure access for all.  The curriculum is adapted for disabled pupils where necessary.  For details please see the policy and local offer below.

Equalities and Cohesion

What We Do

Equality Objectives Statement

Broughton Infant School is committed to ensuring equality of provision throughout the school community. To achieve this, our equality objectives 2017 - 2021 are as follows:


  • To promote understanding and respect for differences.
  • To  diminish the difference between pupil premium and non pupil premium children in Reading, Writing and Maths in all year groups.
  • To provide training for all staff and governors on equality and diversity

Equalities and Cohesion Policy

Additional Resources / Information to Support our SEND & Equalities
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