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Homework for children in Reception will be sent home towards the end of the first Autumn half term once the children have started learning phonics.  This homework will comprise sheets with the sounds and words that the children have learnt that week. These sheets will be sent home on a Friday and are for you to keep and use at home to support your child. 


When your child has confidently learnt to sight read 17 to 20 words (without sounding the word out),  your child will receive a reading book to share at home; an adult will have already read this book in school with them. This book is not only for you to read with them but also to discuss the story line to develop their comprehension. As their confidence in reading progresses, we will also begin to send a second ‘unread’ reading book home for you to read with your child.


In the Summer term the phonics sheets and reading books will continue to be sent home.  We will also begin to send home some practical maths activities for your child to complete with you.


Non-compulsory homework


Each term the Reception classes focus on a different topic and in the Summer term we encourage the children to complete a creative task linked to that term's topic. This task can be whatever the children would like to complete e.g. create something from junk models, a painting, or information they may have researched. We would ask that it is completed and brought in to class at the beginning of the last week of term.


This homework is not compulsory but is a fun way for you and your child to work together on a school related topic.

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