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Why is reading important? 

Reading is a fundamental life skill. It helps children understand the world around them, develop their imagination and communicate effectively with others. 

How do we teach reading? 

At Broughton Infant School we believe reading is incredibly important. We teach reading through discrete reading lessons.

In EYFS and Year 1 we teach reading through our phonics lessons and Talk4reading sessions. 

In Year 2 we teach reading through our phonics/ spelling lessons and through a programme called Reading Explorers. 

We also ensure that the children are reading in their other subjects too!

How often should we read? 

At school the children's class teachers will read with them fortnightly. It is expected that parents will read with their children 5 times a week. 

What are the rewards? 

When children read regularly they feel empowered and more confident with their reading. This feeling is a really big incentive to children. To encourage the children further we have certificates which are provided for children who read regularly at home. 

Tip for Reluctant Readers 

1. Stay calm

-Remember that we want the children to enjoy reading 

-Start small and only read a few pages, you can build on this as they build their confidence

2. Get the right environment 

-Find a special place and a quiet time where you can both enjoy your book

- Turn off all devices to help reduce distractions 

3. Choose the right book 

-If you are struggling to get your child to read their school book then try something different. 

Did you know that they can read joke books, comics, magazines, newspapers and books of their own choice that all these count towards their reads? 

-Ask your child what they would like to read 

4. Look at the pictures 

- Reading is more than simply reading the words 

- For hesitant readers, try to look at the pictures first and enjoy the story. Then go back and see if you were right! 

5. Read to your child 

- If your child is hesitant to read then read to them 

- This gives them a positive role model and will develop their love of reading 

- You could try shared reading (they read a page, then you read a page)

Ideas for Reading at Home

Finding Books

Discover Education Espresso: 

You can log on to Discover Education Espresso to access online books (which can be read to the children) and activities.  When you look in the English section there are many non-fiction, stories and poems for the children to access. Along with author interviews to inspire them. A must visit site for sure!

username: student5957

password: broughton 


Oxford Owl 

Oxford Owl has over 200 free e-books to read with your child. 

The website allows you to access the books the children read at school from home. You can select your child's colour band, their age or the type of text you are looking for to find books of a suitable level. They have a great range and we strongly encourage you to have a look!

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