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Pupil Parliament

Our Pupil Parliament


Enabling our children to have a voice in the school is very important to us and sharing ideas and opinions through the Parliament helps us to make decisions.   Being a Member of Parliament is an important responsibility and one which children enjoy and develop their personal and social skills. The Pupil Parliament consists of School Councillors, Eco Leaders, Play Leaders, House Captains and a Head Boy and Head Girl.  The Head Boy and Head Girl report to the Governing Board to ensure the pupil voice is heard at this level they are the Junior Leadership Team (JLT).  All children are elected democratically and they learn that this is one of The British Values.


All sections of The Parliament meet twice each half term with minutes taken and published on-line and posted up on their display area in the school.   Our Pupil Parliament is very active and members are elected yearly with two members chosen from all Year One and Year Two classes with Early Years children joining during the summer term for most areas. 

Parliament of 2018 - 2019


Junior Leadership Team (JLT)

The JLT meet regularly with the SLT of the school and are active in showing new and prospective children around the school.  They also work to ensure that children at Broughton are enjoying their learning and are happy!  They attend Governor Board Meetings to discuss their views and share the views of the children at Broughton.

Head Boy -  Kershon                   Head Girl - Abigail


School Council

Our School Council often organise charity events and have influenced our school development and resource decisions in many ways over the last few years.


Year 1 - Ethan B, Isha, Eleanor, Jacob

Year 2 - Isaac, Stella, Ruby-Anne, Alfie H

Eco Leaders

Our Eco Leaders work to find out ways to help the environment in and around our school and in so doing, helping out planet keep healthy!


Year 1 - Isla, Ameer, Abbie, Oliver

Year 2 - Jaxon, Cherry, Lily, Maxwell



Play Leaders

Their main responsibilities are to oversee the X Factor playground along with our Senior Midday Supervisor. They lead activities at break time and lunch time and make sure equipment is looked after and replaced when needed. They discuss what is running well and the activities that they would like to offer the rest of the school.


Year 1 - 

Year 2 -

House Captains

These children are from both of the Year 2 classess. Their main responsibilities are to lead and represent their house by attending meetings, talking to the pupils and arranging house events throughout the year.


House Captains - 

Red House - Mya, Alfie C

Blue House - Lily-Mae, Sam

Yellow House - Jude, Millie

Green House - Eddy, Evie


What Members of Parliament say....


"I like to help the school be a better place" (Year 2)


"I like to help organise things for charity" (Year 1)


"I like to raise money to help the school and other people" (Year 2)


"I enjoyed planning the Bake Sale" (Year 1)


"I like to help people" (Year 1)


"I like thinking of suggestions to do" (Year 2)


"I have enjoyed solving problems" (Year 2)


"I like to organise things for the school" (Elisha - Year 1)

Parliament Events

Tree Planting to help our environment

Tree Planting to help our environment 1
Our Philosophy Learning Behaviors