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Photographs of Peregrine's Adventures

We met Oliver on a walk
Oliver let Peregrine try on his sunglasses!
Peregrine sign meet Peregrine Penguin
Peregrine and Peregrine
He found his own name
Peregrine meeting the Cygnets
Cygnets getting a bit closer to Peregrine
Peregrine met Eleanor out for a walk
Peregrine spotted our class name on a road
Peregrine decided to climb a tree at Watermead
Peregrine looking at the bird food
Peregrine trying to eat the bird feed!
Peregrine crossing the stepping stones
Peregrine now having a rest
Peregrine meeting the coots
Peregrine by the lake a Watermead
Peregrine and Leonie in the thunderstorm
Peregrine playing with the chicks
The chicks jumping on Peregrine
Peregrine meeting Darren the paramedic
Peregrine enjoying VE day with Mrs Hewitt & Ethan
Peregrine on the ambulance
Peregrine cooking coffee cake
Peregrine completing a jigsaw puzzle
Peregrine on our bird feeder
Peregrine don't eat the marshmallows
Peregrine sat on a nest of marshmallows
Peregrine by the fire
Peregrine toasting his marshmallows
Peregrine tucking in to s'mores
Ethan reading by fire light!!!!
Peregrine meeting my chickens
Peregrine admiring our rainbows
Peregrine and his new friend
Peregrine in the Ark
Peregrine in the courtyard
Peregrine hanging out to dry
Peregrine climbing my Easter tree
Peregrine on the roof
Peregrine watching table tennis
Peregrine admiring Kyla's VE day artefacts
Peregrine with Mrs Tomson's family on VE day
Peregrine doing yoga
Another yoga move
Peregrine star gazing
Peregrine sunbathing with Ethan
Peregrine catching some rays
Peregrine admiring our tulips
Peregrine getting up close
Peregrine watering our tulips
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