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Our Philosophy of Education - Vision, Aims, Mission

Growth Mindset


Our Philosophy of Education is based on the principles of ‘Growth Mindset Learning’(C. Dweck Ph.D).


All the learners at Broughton Infant School – children, staff and governors – are here to ‘Grow their own Brains! ‘.  The word ‘Yet’ is very important to our philosophy because there are many things we all cannot do….. but, it’s just ‘ yet’ because with Perseverance, Curiosity and Flexibility, and our other Learning Behaviours, we can fire the neurons in our brain to embed these new skills.


We are ready to make mistakes in our learning because we like to try hard things – we could not grow our brains on a continual diet of easy stuff! So expect hard work at Broughton, and expect to make mistakes, show humility and learn from these.


Each class has a Penguin mascot called Peregrine!  This is a visual prompt for children to identify with as having a Growth Mindset as penguins display all of our Learning Behaviours.  Peregrine is sent home each week with a child demonstrating and trying their best in using his / her Learning Behaviours.  The class  nominates the pupils they think have shown good Learning Behaviours that week and then vote (democratically).

The Learning Pit

At Broughton we are using the metaphor of the Learning Pit in order to help children face new challenges, build resilience and persevere when things get tough. Watch the video in the link below for a brief and entertaining summary of what the Learning Pit is.


Children and Challenge

Sometimes a child might react to a new challenge in these ways:

  • Get frustrated
  • Get upset
  • Become anxious

All can possibly lead to them giving up and:

  • Copying
  • Asking the teacher (and hoping that they tell them how to do it)
  • Giving up and refusing to continue working
  • Guessing with no prior thought


Around school we have our Learning Pit displays that encourage children to think about challenges in different ways.  We want to change the attitude of children who don’t react positively to challenges by ensuring that a safe atmosphere is apparent in class and removing the fear of failure and also getting them excited by the notion of having a go.

Our Vision


At Broughton Community Infant School we believe that learning should be enjoyable, purposeful and challenging.  Through our broad and balanced curriculum we aim to equip each child with the skills they need for lifelong learning.  We want each child to develop as a confident learner who can learn independently, can question and is proud of their achievements.


Through clear values (Learning Behaviours) and positive attitudes we endeavour to develop the whole child, meeting individual needs in a safe and secure environment where differences are celebrated.


We believe that positive partnerships with individual children, the whole class, staff, governors, parents and the wider community will lead to effective teaching, high standards and successful learning.


We believe that all members of our school community should work together to maintain a caring, safe and stimulating learning environment.


We believe in school and parents working together to encourage good behaviour and high attendance.


Our Aim


  • To provide an enjoyable, challenging and purposeful learning environment for every child so that they achieve their potential
  • To help all pupils acquire the values, skills, knowledge and attitudes to prepare them well for life
  • To offer a caring, happy, secure and safe learning atmosphere to enable every child to reach their potential
  • To celebrate diversity, differences and success
  • To nurture high self-esteem, confidence and pride in one's achievements
  • To build a positive partnership between children, staff, Governors, parents and the local community recognising that everyone has a valuable contribution to make


Our Mission

This is OUR motto that everyone at Broughton Infant School believes in and uses everyday.


Together we enjoy

Learning ~ Caring ~ Achieving

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The Learning Pit

James Nottingham's Learning Pit animation

The Learning Pit is a celebrated way to help develop challenge, resilience and a Growth Mindset. This animation helps to explain exactly how to use it. James Nottingham created the Learning Pit as a way to promote and enhance challenge and inquiry.

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