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Our Learning Behaviours

We all wear our Broughton badge and take pride in the School Motto 'Together we enjoy - Learning, Caring, Achieving' as it represents what we focus on a daily basis.  Team work at Broughton is fundamental and reflects the 'Together' in our Motto. 


Have you noticed our Jenga Tower on the Home Page?  This is us!  Each child and staff member has a brick in a real tower in school which highlights the fact that we are stronger together and support eachother in our Learning and Growing.   


Our Learning Behaviours underpin our School Motto along with our Growth Mindset philosophy.  We all try to use:


• Bravery • Resilience
• Responsibility  •  Curiosity 
•  Respect  •  Kindness 


We call these Learning Behaviours and we aim to demonstrate these on a day-day basis in all areas of school and home life.


We use GRIT to make sure that we give that 'little bit extra' in each of our Learning Behaviours and our everyday life whilst ensuring that we always have a Growth Mindset!

Please click on the link below to read our Philosophy of Education

Our Philosophy Learning Behaviors