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Photographs of Otter Class Home Learning

Climbing a large boat
Mum relaxing whilst J canoes
Now it's J time to relax
Aurelia's Spanish Numbers
James giant leaf
Jacob's Medicine list
Jacob's Marvellous Medicine
James's Medicine
James's side effects
Hollie's bottle of medicine
Hollie's Medicine
Aurelia's Medicine
Aurelia's side effects
Bottle of medicine
Harrison's Medicine

Ella's trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park for her dad's birthday

Harry's Summer Picture
James's Summer Picture
Devon's wolf picture
Cary's cow picture
Awesome catapult Jacob made
Bonfire made by Jacob
Jacob found sheep wool whilst on a walk
Jacob's poem
Jacob's polar bear picture and rhyming words
James picture and rhyming words
Melody had some help to make her pattern
Melody's fabulous pig picture
Melody's brilliant poem
Melody's picture with rhyming words
Ethan B's poem
Whirly's fab picture
Whirly's poem
Devon's poem
Devon's super picture and rhyming words
Ella's lovely picture and poem
Ethan B Crocodile
Aurelia's pig
Aurelia's pig
Devon's symmetrical picture
Leo's awesome adjectives of his croc
Leo's amazing poem
Having fun in water
Whirly's water information
Ethan B's water poster
Aurelia made awesome bath bombs
They look so professional
Devon's diary of the week
Devon's diary
Devon's diary
Jacob's spellings
Ethan B's chocolate cake you cook in the microwave
Eating the chocolate cake!
Ethan B's awesome diary entry
Melody's brillinat diary entry
Melody's handwriting
Healthy Broad bean plant
The plant has beans
Money work - the question
Money work - thinking hard
Money work - is this the answer?
Our Philosophy Learning Behaviors