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Photographs of Kingfisher Class Home Learning

Georgia going to get her feet message through a little window of plastic!!
Wow that's a tall sunflower
Eleanor's Spanish Numbers poster
Birthday bouncy castle with her sisiters
What happens if you take Oliver Medicine
Oliver's Medicine
Ingredients & What happens
Georgia's pic of what happens if you have her medicine
Putting his stones in the bag he made
Special stones
Medicine bottle
Ola's Medicine recipe
Charlie's Medicine recipe
Smelly medicine
Completed medicine bottle
Carter's Cure
Eleanor's Medicine recipe
Charlie Medicine recipe
Medicine bottle
Jacob visited Waddesdon Manor
In the marshy water
Georgia's Marvellous Medicine
Theo's recipe
What happens if you take Theo's medicine
Theo's medicine in collage
What will happen if you take Theo's Medicine
Henry's Summer Picture
Theo's Summer Picture
Oliver's Summer Picture

Theo's completed Broad Bean diary

Theo's fox poem
Theo's mouse poem
Theo's mums poem
Ola's picture
Eleanor's tiger poem
Carter's Otter poem
Georgia's octopus & rhyming words
Georgia's poem
Theo's deer & rhyming words
Theo's picture
Charlie's poem
Charlie's picture & rhyming words
Ola's animal picture
Charlie and his brothers having fun at the stream
Henry's water information sheet
Georgia's symmetrical picture
Henry's symmetrical picture
Eleanor's diary entry
Eleanor's water information sheet
Logan's symmetrical picture
Eleanor's symmetrical picture
Carter spotted a grasshopper at his allotment
Carter spotted a cricket on a bike ride

Kerr's list of equipment he would take to survive a mission.

Georgia's diary entry

Ola's diary entry
Ola's Litter Poster
Theo's Litter Poster
Cooking pancakes for the family
The finished breakfast pancakes
Theo's diary entry
Oliver's diary entry
Exploring trees
Eleanor visiting and feeding the cygnets
Feeding cygnets
Coot and its babies.
Wow Eleanor saw lots of swans and geese
Eleanor's awesome picture and words to describe
Eleanor's awesome picture and words to describe
Eleanor red kite research
Gorgeous new puppy joins the family
Puppy fast asleep
Gorgeosu puppy
Great words to describe good and bad teachers
Henry's work
Harvey found a shell at Coombe Hill
Logan rolling down a hill with his cousins
Flying a kite
Theo's nice made up teacher Mrs Buttercup
Theo's bad made up teacher - Mr Vampire
Theo's good and bad teacher
Isla's Miss Trunchball
Isla's Miss Honey
Surprise! Charlie baked & delivered me cookies
Abbie getting creative with wood
Sawng out the shape
Here is the shape - a heart
Sanding the edges
Attaching pegs
The finished notice board AWESOME
Ola's description & pictures of good & bad teacher
Ola's butterfly lifecycle
Watering plants in her garden
Picking the strawberries
Picking strawberries she has grown
Logan has been playing games including Triominoes
Harvesting his strawberries
Playing cards with his brother
Home schooling with his brother
Henry's mini-beast work on Purple Mash
Leo L's mini-beast work on Purple Mash
A detailed comparison between mini-beasts by Theo
Theo's great battle between mini-beasts
Great collage of a BUG HUNT
Grace's Lava lamp experiment
Grace's lava lamp
Levelling the sand for the driveway
......and the driveway is complete!
Playing around with pallets
Super pallet den!
Scarecrow Hunt at Haddenham
More scarecrows
Spiderman scarecrow
Isla's list of nouns
Isla's words to use instead of 'said'
Isla's questions
Seeing lots of wildlife
Making a den
Exploring the water
Charlie's script for his wildlife programme
Harvey's flag design set on Purple Mash
Harvey's mini-beast work completed on Purple Mash
He caught a fish!
And another!!!
Getting ready to dive back in
Travis it cold?
Getting dog kisses
Theo's car advert - part 1
Theo's car advert - part 2
Theo's car advert - part 3
Theo's car advert - part 4
Bug Hotel stage 1
Bug Hotel stage 2
Bug Hotel stage 3
Advert for one of Mr Wormwood's cars - by Ola
Picking beans
Very healthy beans
Lots of beans to pick
Beans popped out of their blankety beds!
Lovely allotment
Scarecrows made last year, still surviving
Henry's nana's pond
A hedgehog spotted in Henry's garden
Wow, tadpole now has legs!
Waiter serving dinner to his parents
Oliver matching up times
Family jigsaw time
Oliver's Science experiment
Working out in the garden
Science experiment results in a table
Having fun in the water
Climbing trees
Oliver writing about what makes him AMAZING
On a walk, a lovely deserted field
Paddling in water
Oliver's book review
Playing a guitar
More fun in the water
A fallen inn Jacob found on a walk
More dressing up
A fresh water mussel Kyla found
More fun!
Summer House
Sleep over in the summer house, what fun!
Harvey has hatched butterflies
Ola's handwriting
Eleanor's Antarctica facts
Charlie's chalk drawings
Charlie's Awesome Addition
Cleaning windows
Charlie baked cookies
Charlie did a fish scene in his window
Charlie & his brothers models
Charlie made pizza
Charlie's VE chalk flag
Eleanor's sunflower
Eleanor's Mr Wormwood description
Eleanor's sunflowers have grown more
Georgia's wall clock
Henry's alien
Henry's art
Henry's continent work
Working hard
More work
Henry telling the time
Oliver's James & the Giant Peach picture
Ladybird fact file by Eleanor
Leo's bug hunt
Leo's bugs labelled with body parts
Leo's continent work
Playing in the garden
Wonderful work on Matilda by Leo
Photos of bugs found by Leo
Leo's talents
Leo's continent work
3D shape models
Shape picture
Making up a bike
Jumping in puddles
Oliver's rocks
Dressing up
Cooking on a barbeque
Broad bean plant
Making biscuits
Geography work
Making things
Wonderful work on the wall at Rosa's
Interesting way to read
Awesome slime!
Our Philosophy Learning Behaviors