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Home Learning 

Reading practise is an on-going 'homework' expectation and very important.  We recommend that ideally your child reads at home for a short while every day, but certainly five times a week to consolidate reading skills.


We also ask that you do 30 minutes of Reading Eggs and 30 minutes of Maths seeds a week. 


In addition to the 'expected' homework, teachers will set a 'non-compulsory task each half term linked in to the topic.  This is a very open task with the aim of enabling children to complete this in any way they wish. These activities are usually very popular with the children and we all enjoy sharing the outcomes in class


If you have any questions about the homework tasks, please do contact your child's class teacher. 



Autumn 1

Optional Homework



Battle of the dinosaurs 

Your child’s task is to show us which dinosaur they like best. They can present their ideas in many ways. They could make a model of it, draw a picture of it, write the reason why they like it, video record themselves explaining why it is their favourite or anyway they would like. When your child has completed their homework they should bring it into school so it can be shared with the class. Alternatively they can send a photograph to the school email address rather than physically bringing it into school.


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