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Jacob T, Charlie, James and Melody have found amazing leaves - look at the pictures below

A challenge set by Mrs Barradas

Mrs Barradas took some lovely photographs of wildlife she spotted in Watermead.

It was so lovely to be in the forest school area today with my son Paulo.

We did some litter picking and had a tidy up, we also explored and took some photographs. The foxgloves look stunning especially up close as there is a lot of detail to each petal.

We also put some new log seats in the area, my Auntie kindly donated five for the area. 

I miss you all being in the area with me. In the meantime enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Have fun trying the wildlife yoga. I have sent it to Mrs Borrett too, as I know she likes well-being and yoga!

I hope you are all keeping safe with your families and enjoying half term.

Thinking of you all,

Rachel Barradas (Forest School Trainee)

WOW! Look at these awesome Mandala that Mrs Barradas and her boys made with things they picked up off the floor whilst on a walk. Maybe you could try and make one.

Some of the items Mrs Barradas collected.

Have a go at Mrs Legg's bird quiz, can you guess their name?

Forest School Club - Bake Off Competition

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