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Hello all, I hope that you are all keeping well and making the most of the sunshine. On this page you will find some ideas for what you can be getting up to at home while the school remains closed. I will be updating the page regularly with different activities.Thank you for your continued support. 


We would love to see your amazing creations, please take a photograph and email them to Miss Nash -, I will upload some of them to the website for others to see! 

Make a bridge

You are going to make a bridge strong enough to carry a toy vehicle. You need to design and plan the bridge before you make it. What are you going to make it out of? How are you going to make sure that it stands up and takes the weight of a toy vehicle? What materials are you going to use? If it didn't work, how are you going to change it to make it better? 

Junk Modelling

Have a look at what you can find that in your recycling, but make sure it is clean! Design something to make using only the things that you can find in the recycling. Design your master peice using the design sheet below, and then have a go at making your model. It could be anything that you like for example, a vehicle, a robot, an alien, etc. Happy designing! 



See if you can follow the video to make some bread. But make sure that you wash your hands and ask an adult to operate the oven! 

Easy Bread Recipe

This easy, homemade bread recipe will help you and your family make tasty bread.

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