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WB: 10.07.2020

This week we have been exploring the new laptops and practising using Paint3D. 

We have also been finding out about different dinosaurs and what they eat. 

Making dinosaur skeletons

WB 29.07.2020

This week we have explored lots of different religions beliefs about creation and explore how these can be shown through the arts. Below is our learning journey so far!

Maths this week has been missing number problems and bonds to 10/20. We have been practising using number lines to find missing numbers! 
For English we have been reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea and making wanted posters. The Crocodiles also read The Elephant and the Bad Baby. We thought the characters were chasing the elephant to make him pay for the things he stole!
We looked at one of the Chinese creation stories. We made dragons and practised Chinese writing. 

Today we have learnt about the story of creation from Islam. We discovered that Muslims believe that Allah created the world and the heavens. There were many similarities between this story to the Christian story of creation. However, there were also important differences such as Allah creating angels before people and using clay to create man. Look at our drawings to show the order of the creation story. 


We have also been practising YOGA in the Cheetah group! 


Today we have been learning different religions' beliefs about how the world was created. We learnt that Christians and Jews believe that the world was created by God in seven days.

This made us ask lots of deep questions, such as: 

How was God created? 

Is God still alive? 

When were the dinosaurs involved in this story? 

We also learnt that Hindus believe a lotus flower grew out of Lord Vishnu. Inside the lotus flower was Lord Brahma who was tasked with creating the world. To show the importance of the lotus flower we made our own lotus flowers using cupcake holders. How do you believe the world was created? 
Thank you to those of you who have been looking for wildflowers on your walks. Check out these beautiful flowers!


This week and next some of the children have/ will be reading the story "Cops and Robbers". They have created wanted posters for the robbers and practised using similes to help show what the characters are like. In the book one of the characters is described as "As strong as an ox". What simile would you use to describe yourself? 

The Crocodiles have completed their wall hangings by collecting flowers and leaves! What plants can you spot? 


We have also been learning to make quarter, half and three quarter turns. To do this we put out 4 pieces of paper to symbolise the turns. Then we moved clockwise and anti-clockwise these turns. 
We also watched this catchy song! 


Today we have continued our learning about directions. Some of the classes went outside and tried to direct their partner verbally from one cone to another. They had to use the vocabulary forwards, back, right and left. Can you direct your grown ups around the home using these words? 

That old game? 

Some of the children have been enjoying playing hangman. Did you know it's actually a great game to help the children practise their spelling? Can you work out the missing letter? 



Today we realised that Andy Goldsworthy creates large natural sculptures whereas Elżbieta Wodała creates small delicate pieces. Today we went hunting for leaves, berries, petals and nuts. We used these to create our masterpieces! Can you work out which ones are foxes, fairies and otters? 

These photographs are of the Year 1 Dolphins work inspired by Andy Goldsworthy! What fantastic sculptures! Which is your favourite and why? 

To your my left! 

We have also been learning our left and right! This has proven very tricky for the children. We have shown the children how to use their hands to show the left. We also followed instructions (up, down, left and right) to find our way around a treasure map. Can you direct your parents around your own treasure map? 


Today we have continued our learning through nature. The Crocodiles hunted around school and found different types of flowers! Why not teach your child what flowers you have in your garden? 


On our hunt one of the children found this wildflower in the long grass. Do you know what it is? If so, email Mrs Barlow on

In the afternoon, all the classes started making their own pictures based on the work of Goldswothy and Elżbieta Wodała. Some of us made patterns and others pictures. Which is your favourite and why? 
We have also been describing the positions of objects. We had to draw on where things were by listening to the instructions. The words we had to use were underneath, between, beneath, behind, in and on. What words can you use to describe the picture? 


Welcome back to the Year 1 Crocodiles! Today we have had a great day. We made kites, cress heads and ocean jars. We were fascinated by how the oil and water seperated each time! 

School's back!


WB: 15th June

This week we have read the story of Farmer Duck and we were visited by both the farmer and the duck. We had lots of questions for the farmer! How could he treat the poor duck that way?  

Healthy Eating 

We have also been finding out what where food comes from. We were very surprised to find out where bread comes from and the ingredients within it. We also planned out our own meals. 


Morning all, 

Guess who has visited us today! The elephant and the bad baby! We wrote and asked them questions about their behaviour in the story "The Elephant and the Bad Baby" then they left the school with a "rumpeta trumpeta". 

Our cress heads are also beginning to grow! We have been making sure we water them and speak to them each day. How are your cress heads doing? 
We have also been finding different types of wild plants and using them to make our own stain glassed plates. What wild plants can you see in our stain glassed plates? 


Evening all! 


Today we had a great day. We went hunting in the Forest School for different types of plants. We found daisies, buttercups and much more! Using double sided cellotape we kept what we had found. What plants will you find in your own gardens? 


We also learnt to find quarters. We had to draw 4 circles and then share the teddies equally between the four circles! 


Today we have learnt to use arrays to divide. We talked about how we were sharing between two people. We had to put the teddies in rows instead of the circles we used yesterday. 

We have also made animals using wine corks. Can you guess which animals we have made? 

Check out the Dolphin Class's new friends!


Hello again friends and family, 


Today we have made ocean jars! You need to: 

1. Get a jar with a lid

2. Add oil

3. Add water

4. Add food colouring

5. Add glitter and gems 

6. Shake your jar


We found that the oil and the water seperate!



Hello everyone, 


Today in school we made some fantastic kites and flew them around the playground! We planted our own cress heads and are going to water them everyday. 

Dolphin Class are flying high!

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