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Chick Diary

 Watch this page each day to see how the chicks grow and develop.

Some of the children who are in school had the chicks join them on their desks

Day 12 - 19th June (the girl chicks have now gone to their new home at the Junior school & the boys have gone back to the farm)

Day 11 - 18th June

Day 10 - 17th June

Day 9 - 16th June

Day 8 - 15th June

Day 7 - 14th June

Day 6 - 13th June

Day 5 - 12th June (chilling at home)

Day 4 - 11th June- We now have 9 chicks

Day 3 8:30am - 10th June

Day 2 - 9th June

Day 1 - 8th June

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