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Autumn 1

Dinosaur Planet


Our first project this year was Dinosaur Planet. During this project we created beautiful silhouettes of dinosaurs with a water washed background. 


We also learnt about dinosaur eggs. We made a dinosaur egg using modroc. Did you know that different types of dinosaurs had different sized and coloured eggs? They also lay them in different layouts in their nests!

​​​​​​Here are some of our instructions for making a dinosaur egg: 

One of our favourite parts of the project was learning about dinosaur teeth. Did you know carnivores and herbivores had different teeth? These are the clay teeth we made. 

As part of our project we had a visit from Sophie a 7 year old T-rex! She came with some of her friends who we loved meeting. 

Another highlight was becoming paleontologists like Mary Anning. We had to carefully using brushes to uncover fossils and then classify the dinosaurs the fossils came from!

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