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Autumn 1

This week we have been:

Week beginning 18th October 2021


This week we are:


Circle Time

  • Talking about kindness and how can make sure we are being kind with our body and words.
  • Talking about and singing well known nursery rhymes and then clapping along to the beat.


Adult Directed Activities

  • Oh No George! Our focus literacy book- We are going to see where George is going to be naughty next by voting as a class using Purple Mash. We are going to think about how is going to be naughty in the chosen place and share write in small groups the next chapter in our story.
  • Phonics- We are beginning to look at Phase 2. This week we are learning s a t p sounds. On a Friday we will then be practising orally blending.
  • Maths- Number – Looking at the composition of 3 and 4. We will be finding different ways to make 3 and 4. This then helps us later to develop part-part-whole models.
  • Maths- Shape Space & Measure – We are recognising and sorting shapes and using them to make pictures.
  • Cornerstones- Me and My Community- Talking about the jobs of people in their school community and how they help us. Discussing the jobs of familiar adults such as parents, aunties, uncles, grandparents, etc. and then beginning to think about what job they might like to do.

P. E

With Mr Hercules we are looking at passing a ball to each other.


Child Initiated Tasks

  • Literacy- Drawing pictures to show their favourite parts of Oh No George.
  • Maths- Finding different ways to represent a number.
  • Retelling Oh No George using puppets


Please remember to read with your child 5x a week and initial each time you read with your child. You could talk to your child about the job you do or members of their families and their roles and responsibilities. We have been asking the children to hear sounds or break up words of objects that they see such as c-ar, c-oa-t, c-cat, d-dog. They may wish to carry this practise on at home.


In handwriting we have been practising making different shapes which will then help us to form our letters later on. If you wish to practise this further to support your child below are the shapes we have done.


Thank you for your support,

Early Years Team

What we have been learning:

Our Philosophy Learning Behaviors