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Advice for Parents

The Importance of E-Safety at Home

As a parent you play a key role in keeping your children safe online. 


The key tips for keeping your children safe online from Childnet are to: 

1. Start discussions with your children about their lives online 

2. Set clear boundaries around their online behaviour and use of technology

3. Be aware of where you can get more help and support if you need. 



Below is a link to the Childnet Parent/ Carer resources toolkit. 

This includes: 

1. Advice and conversation starters 

2. Help and support suggestions 

3. A family agreement (to help set boundaries)




As parents it is not always easy to discuss your child's online safety with them. This could be due to your lack of understanding of the technology/ apps they are using or feeling unsure how best to approach these topics. There are some good resources available that can help.  

This document provides tips for: 

1. Being positive to get the best outcome

2. Working together with your child

3. Tackling difficult discussions

4. Handling situations when something goes wrong

Setting Boundaries

It is also not always easy to discuss boundaries and knowing what those boundaries should be. The document below is a useful document for families to help keep children safe online. 


In our ever changing digital world it is so hard to keep up to date with the technology that is being developed. If you require any support or further information this document is very useful. 

Parenting in the Digital World


Purple Mash have created this document explaining to help with parenting in the digital world. 

It includes support for: 

1. Being a good role model 

2. Getting used to the technology (ways of making it safer)

3. Explaining their digital footprint (being aware that what they put out into the internet will be recorded)

4. Developing the scepticism and recognising that not everything on the internet is not true

5. Bullying and well-being. 


Sometimes the children may want new devices and we can be unsure if they are ready for them. Below is a link to a site which has some excellent questions to ask your child before purchasing anything new. 

An example for devices: 

Social Media

Although the children are too young at Broughton Infant School to access a lot of social media (e.g. Facebook, Whatsapp, TikTok) they may access social media sites like Youtube. The UK Safer Internet Centre gives parents advice on how to make sites such as Youtube safer for children.  

Apps, Online Games and Social Networks


Netaware gives you a break down of the apps, online games and social network sites your child may be accessing. This details what the children are using it for and then experts have reviewed the website and analysed any risks. 


Again, many of the games and social networking are not suitable for children at Broughton Infant School due to their age ratings. 

This is an example of the site and the support it can provide parents:

School Tips 


A useful tool we use as a school for keeping children safe online is SMARTheart.

This helps the children to learn/ remember the steps they can take to remain safe online. 

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