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School Council


Enabling the children to have a voice in the school is very important to us and sharing ideas and opinions through the School Council helps us to make decisions.  Our School Council often organise charity events and have influenced our school development and resource decisions in many ways over the last few years.


We have a very active School Council who meet together with the lead teacher on a fortnightly basis.  Members are elected on a termly basis with two members chosen from all Year One and Year Two classes in both the autumn and spring terms, with Early Years children joining during the summer term. Minutes from the meetings are posted up on their display area in the school.


Being a school councillor is an important responsibility and one which children enjoy and develop their personal and social skills through.  Please do encourage your child to put their names forward at the next election should they wish to have the opportunity.

What our school councillors say....


"I like to help the school be a better place" (Ethan - Year 2)


"I like to help organise things for charity" (Marley - Year 1)


"I like to raise money to help the school and other people" (Bahiti - Year 2)


"I enjoyed planning the Bake Sale" (Kendal - Year 1)


"I like to help people" (Oliver - Year 1)


"I like thinking of suggestions to do" (Lily-May - Year 2)


"I have enjoyed solving problems" (Jake - Year 2)


"I like to organise things for the school" (Elisha - Year 1)

School Council Events

Tree Planting - December 2016

Tree Planting - December 2016 1
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